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HR Frequently asked questions

Does my employee need a contract?

Employees must have a written statement of terms within 2 months of their start date. We recommend that contracts tailored to your business are used, opposed to standard contract templates.

How much can I pay employees?

It is up to individual employers how much they pay employees; however, you must adhere to statutory minimum wage rates and equality of pay. We support our clients to ensure fairness and compliance.

Do I need a probation period for staff?

There is no legal obligation to have a probation period, but we recommend a 6-month settling in period to ensure the employee is the right fit for you and your business is the right for them. We support our clients with the settling in period and ensure the terms are clearly documented in offers of employment, contracts and policies.

How many annual leave days are my employees entitled to?

In the UK, the minimum statutory holiday allowance is 28 days for full time employees. The entitlement will be calculated on a pro rata basis for part time employees and those who start / finish employment through the holiday year.

The 28 days holidays may or may not include the 8 recognised Bank Holidays – this decision is at the employer’s discretion.

What is the minimum amount of notice I can expect for holiday requests?

You can set out the rules for how holidays should be requested and taken to suit the needs of your business. We recommend setting out the rules in writing, in a holiday policy. If you have not set out the rules in writing, then the minimum amount of notice you can expect is at least twice the amount of time that is being requested.

Can I contact an employee if they are absent from work through sickness?

Yes, your absence policy should clearly define the steps you will take when someone is absent from work. Maintaining the correct level of contact with employees who are absent from work can be supportive and helps their return to work. We provide absence management for our clients.

How much leave should I give to an employee following a bereavement?

There is no legal entitlement to give a member of staff paid leave during a bereavement, therefore it is at the employers’ discretion in terms of what to do. Having a clear Compassionate Leave or Bereavement policy about the approach you will take when handling requests for bereavement or compassionate leave can assist managing employee expectations and ease any concerns. We can help you to establish the criteria that will suit your business operations and its culture.

How do I ensure employee behaviour is acceptable?

You can never ensure the correct staff behaviour at all times. However, by clearly setting down your standards in policies, contracts of employment and through great communication, will help to achieve the standards you expect your employees to adhere to.

What if an employee’s behaviour is unacceptable?

Having a disciplinary policy and clear process will help you to guide your employees towards acceptable behaviour. A disciplinary policy will also assist you in managing the disciplinary process in a clear, structured, effective manner.

Is there a minimum period of employment before a claim can be made at an employment tribunal?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no minimum period of employment for an employment tribunal claim.

What can I do if someone resigns without giving notice?

If the contract of employment has the correct clause included, you may be able to withhold the same amount of pay equivalent to each day they fall short of the required notice. Also, if the correct clause is included you will also be within your right to refuse to issue a reference. If an employee resigns immediately after pay day, you could sue for breach of contract.

Can I terminate an individual’s employment without conducting an employee / employer meeting?

There are laws and guidance in place to ensure fairness when making the decision to terminate employment. Your disciplinary policies and process will guide you and we recommend you always take professional advice before terminating employment. Getting it wrong, may lead to a costly employment tribunal. Individuals no longer have to pay fees to submit a claim to an Employment Tribunal claim, which is resulting in a higher number of claims.

Does JG HR Solutions give free advice?

JG HR Solutions offers a free HR Consultation to determine the right level of HR Support for your business. Our packages are tailored to suit your business needs, ranging from reviewing your currently policies in order to ensure they adhere to the correct standards; to offering unlimited employment law advice and HR support.

A free HR Consultation is available, in order to discuss your HR needs and put to together a tailored HR solution for your business.

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