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Julie Grabham owner of JG HR Solutions Limited was diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer in November 2022. Julie’s cancer was detected through a routine screening appointment. 

Being a HR professional,  Julie was aware that there is no UK legislation to give any time off for employees to attend these vital appointments. During her treatment, Julie decided to take a positive out of her journey and become a champion for cancer support in the workplace. 

Quite simply, the #JGHRPledge allows businesses of any size in the UK to sign up for free and commit to giving paid time off for routine breast screenings.  All businesses that sign up to the pledge will receive a certificate with their company logo on so they can display their support to their team and clients. Julie will also supply a basic cancer policy to any company that signs up to the pledge, in return for a donation to a cancer charity of their choice.

Within weeks of launching the #JGHRPledge over 50 businesses signed up to show their commitment. Some of these businesses offer extended the support to other screenings and the pledge is certainly opening doors for improved cancer support in the workplace.

As part of the pledge Julie encourages businesses to engage with professional cancer charities for example MacMillan and Maggie’s who offer free support to anyone on or supporting someone on a cancer journey. 

If your business already gives paid time off for screenings, you can still join the #JGHRPledge and display your certificate with pride. 

In addition to the pledge, Julie has a UK petition which will be open until January 2024 in the hope Uk legislation can be changed, please sign and share  Introduce paid leave for employees to attend routine breast screening - Petitions (

If your business wants to join the #JGHRPledge or have a chat to find out more, send Julie a message through the contact us form or by emailing

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