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Outsourced HR provides many benefits to businesses and it’s proven to be a cost effective solution for those companies who do not require a full time in-house HR Manager. Regardless of the size or formation of your company, if you have employees then you have a duty to ensure you comply with employment law. It can be an area of confusion, but get it wrong and it can be costly. Ask yourself this – are you and your managers fully aware of your obligations towards employees?

Many employers see employment law and the function of HR as giving employees rights that prevent you, the business, from being able to run your operation as you wish or it allows employees to take advantage of certain situations. Quite often employers state they are fed up of certain employees that are not “pulling their weight” “never in work” or generally “have a bad attitude” etc. Having expert HR on hand will support you to manage these employees and situations effectively, fairly and in a timely manner, therefore saving you money and energy as well as reducing the risk of costly employment claims for getting it wrong.

So, why outsource your HR and why use JG HR Solutions Limited?

1. Reduced Cost

An outsourced HR consultant is not employed directly by you and therefore there are no associated employee costs such as holiday pay, sick pay, national insurance & pension costs.

In addition, work out the time it takes you or a manager to handle absence, performance issues etc. and produce the associated documents required. If you compare this with the reasonable monthly costs of using JG HR Solutions, you may find you actually SAVE money along with the assurance of being compliant at all times.

2. Skills & Experience

JG HR Solutions have vast experience in various industries of all sizes, this coupled with experience of working at both operational and strategic levels, enable us to support all businesses with confidence.

We have had exposure to, and successfully managed a wide range of HR issues, nothing surprises us.  We are always up to date with employment legislative changes and understand how to implement them into your business policies and working practices. Think of the time this would take you or a manager - with our experience, JG HR Solutions Limited can manage this for you with confidence and reduce the risk to your business, freeing your time so you can reach your business goals.

3.  Professional Case Management

We know the importance of conducting disciplinary and grievance cases by being professional, objective and complying with the ACAS code of practice. We understand and have the experience to conduct thorough investigations to support these procedures, again reducing the risk and removing the pain of HR in your business. By using our services, you have the confidence that all processes are completed fairly and objectively. 

4. Free Non Obligation Consultation

Outsourcing your HR function to JG HR Solutions Limited will give you the benefit of expert HR services at a fraction of the cost of employing a HR Manager.

JG HR Solutions Limited offer various packages tailored to suit the needs of your business, why not arrange a free non obligation consultation to see how we can support you? Contact us via and let us take the pain out of your HR.

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