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May 13 – 19 Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week is the perfect time for us all to think and talk about mental health. Use the week to really tackle stigma and debunk those myths.

We all have times of stress and feeling down and thankfully for most, these feeling pass, but sometimes they can lead into mental health problems such as anxiety and or depression.

You may recognise the early signs of poor mental health of employees by noticing employees are distracted, displaying outburst of anger and emotions, periods of absence, change in appearance and often presenting as having less sleep.

What can we do to help our employees?


•       Consider flexible working with a change to work hours.

•       Create a safe environment where worries can be shared in confidence.

•       Check in on a regular and keep lines of communication open.

•       Provide relevant training to managers so they have clear understanding.


There are some great resources available at


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