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Furlough extended again and another lockdown for Wales

The flexible furlough scheme has been extended again until 30th April 2020 and applies across the UK.

There are no changes to the scheme, employees will receive 80% salary funded by the government ( capped at £2500 per month) which employers can top up. Employers contributions will be the same as August 2020 payments, which means they will only pay NI and Pension contributions. Employees will receive their salary as normal and employers will reclaim via the coronavirus job retention scheme. All key points from the previous update still apply.

Wales will enter another lockdown on 28th December 2020, which will mean certain businesses will have to close and some of those will close before the 28th December.

The lockdown will be reviewed by the 18th January 2021, listen to HR From My Shed for more details on this update

2020 has been a different year that’s for sure, and I hope my updates have been useful. JG HR Solutions Limited wishes you all a Merry Christmas and hopefully 2021 will be a healthy and safe year for us all.

Nadolig Llawen!


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