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Unfortunately, many businesses are making the tough decision to consider redundancies as the financial impact of COVID19 continue and the job retention scheme edges near to the closing date of 31t October 2020. BBC News reported around 150,000 jobs have been made redundant due to COVID19.

There are legal processes to follow when considering and making redundancies. The process can be different depending on how many roles are at risk. It really is important to understand that the role is at risk not the person.

The redundancy process must be fair and if more than one role is being made redundant, a selection matrix should be followed.

Employees with more than 2 years continuous service are entitled to statutory redundancy payments along with other contractual payments that all employees are entitled to.

Having professional HR Support can support you to avoid the risk of unfair dismissal claims through not following the correct redundancy process.

Have a look at my HR From My Shed video on redundancies

If you need further support, please email for a quote.


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