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Vaccines and your employees

Now the vaccine is being rolled out across the UK, employees may have questions, the main one being " can my employer force me to have a vaccine" and the simple answer is no. The vaccine is not mandatory and there could be a variety of reasons why someone doesn't / cannot have the vaccine.

You might have heard of some companies who have already said they are including clauses in contracts to force employees to have the vaccine - that will undoubtedly lead to employment tribunal claims and is not a route I advise anyone to go down.

Have a look at my HRFRomMyShed guidance on the vaccine

To support employees, we should provide them with information from a trusted source, so they can make an informed decision. The public health sites are good and are updated with the latest information About the vaccine - Public Health Wales (

In addition, start thinking and communicating how the business will support employees who choose to have the vaccine - for example, paid time off to attend the appointment.

It's important that we don't make any employee feel pressured by anyone’s opinion to have or not to have the vaccine to avoid risk of bullying and harassment claims.

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